The Best of 2015!

Yesterday I issued a bit of a strange challenge: “Let’s write our ‘Best of 2015’ recaps while it is still January.” (read more) And because I believe in leading by example and through authenticity, here is my version (written as though it were 12/31/15).

Best of 2015This has been the most amazing year. Not even two years ago (February 2014), I wrote in a notebook that I wanted to acquire a location independent lifestyle and career by the time I was 30.  Tonight marks the end of Sooner Not Later’s first year. It began with just under 150 people on the email list and now we’re closing out the year with 5,000. 

I’ve been honored to meet with and coach almost 100 of you this year, create action plans together, and watch as you have begun to take action on your dreams. You’re losing weight, paying off debt, moving to dream cities, and traveling the world!

In February, I went to Bali for 2.5 weeks. While I was there I climbed a volcano, attempted to learn to surf, and snorkeled with sea turtles.

In the spring, I went to the Florida Keys and Phillies’ Spring Training. While in the Keys I finally had the chance to to parasail and even try out “flying” with a hydro jet pack. 

Over the summer, I finally took the road trip I’ve been planning since I was 15. I saw Yellowstone, Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon National Parks. I explored the Redwoods and Carlsbad Caverns, saw Niagara Falls, and went to Boston and Chicago. While on the road, I had the chance to see the Phillies play away games in Boston, Chicago, Arizona, and San Francisco. 

I have raised over $200 through Charity Miles by walking or running at least 83 miles each month, competed on Hollywood Game Night, took flying lessons, and watched an Eagles game with Bradley Cooper.  

Then yesterday I got to go up to the top of the Statue of Liberty and tonight I am celebrating the ball drop from Times Square. I won’t be down in a corral but at one of the private parties overlooking the events. 

All in all, I completed more than the 52 bucket list items this year and still experienced things I never would have thought to add to the list. I’m incredibly grateful for the community that has developed here and am excited to see what comes next.


Now it’s your turn! What will your “Best of 2015” look like? Share in the comments below.  


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