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Wizarding World of Harry Potter

"...We saw the Knight Bus and the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix (A.K.A. Number 12 Grimmauld Place). We went to Diagon Alley and Gringott’s Money Exchange. We tried Butterbeer Ice Cream at Fleurean Fortescue’s and tested out Sirius Black’s motorcycle. When we went to ride Escape From Gringott’s, we were sent to the front of the line twice (but we only got stuck once)..."

That Time I Climbed a Volcano...

"...Even with the best of intentions, we’re in the dark about where we’re headed in life. We do our best to plan and prepare but none of us can see what’s up ahead so we just keep climbing, pushing through and, at times, crawling. But if we are willing to stick it out, we get the chance to stand where most never will..."

Shooting Range

The seventh item I checked off my bucket list in 2015 was a day at the shooting range where I got to play out a little bit of a secret agent fantasy.

4 Ways Skydiving Is Like Chasing Your Dreams

"’s human nature to dwell on our fears and let them grow into big, scary, intimidating monsters that hold us back from our dreams. But like the big, scary, intimidating monsters living under our beds, these fears are exaggerated and unnecessary. Whether it’s skydiving or some other dream, don’t let your fears multiply..."

Learning To Sail

The 40th item checked off my list was "learn to sail". My old roommates took me out for a day on the lake and gave me a fantastic lesson.

Bali - You Don't Really Need It

"...the airline lost my luggage... I got a horrible sunburn (because my sunblock was in my suitcase)... I submerged my phone in a pool…. and so it went. Bali was amazing! Yet, there were a lot of ups and downs. It was not a vacation but an adventure..."

Phillies Spring Training

For years I've said I was going to go and this was the year I finally chose to make "someday" today. The sixth item checked off my list in 2015 was attend Phillies Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida. While I was there, I even had the chance to interview some of the alumni about their own bucket lists (click the image above to be taken to the video).

52 in 52 Weeks Bucket List Challenge

In 2015, I challenged myself to complete 52 bucket list items within 52 weeks. My goal was to inspire others to start taking action on their dreams -- Sooner Not Later. I wasn't sure how (or if) I was actually going to meet the goal but by the end of 2015, I had checked 55 items off the list. To view the list and learn more about my adventures, click on the image above.


After years of listening to friends share beautiful ideas and wild dreams without ever taking action, I began Sooner Not Later. My goal was (and still is) to help people, just like you, overcome fear and build confidence so they can start living their dreams -- Sooner Not Later.

You will find I'm passionate about connecting with people, hearing their stories, and encouraging them to live the lives they've always imagined. You can expect to be inspired, encouraged and challenged by my services and, most all, you can expect to see your life change!

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Catherine figured out that most of my hang up is mental and she has a way around it... I have a plan in place thanks to her. I will have accountability, which is something I greatly need, and I will see my dream come true.

Jill Pate Barlow

Our session was wonderful! Clearly setting weekly goals that move things forward has been really helpful! I really appreciate the summary in writing too. As my world is swirling, if I don't write something down, I never remember it!

Alexis Lockhart