FAQ: How Can You Afford To Travel So Often?

“How are you doing all this?”

“Do you have connections with an airline?”

“Do you secretly rob banks?”

These are the questions I get more than any other and while people expect me to say that I have a friend who works for an airline or some secret benefactor, that just isn’t true.

The key to saving money when traveling is to be creative and do your research.

The flight I took from Trenton to Atlanta was only $24 because I purchased it through a Frontier sale (they literally have ridiculous sales every other day). But the return flight was significantly more so I checked out Atlanta to Philadelphia. Here I found another $24 deal. So for $48 round trip I had my travel plans mapped out.

Some other sites I use to save money when traveling are Airbnb (use this link to get a $25 credit), Priceline’s Name Your Own Own Price Tool, Uber (use this link to get a $20 credit), and Groupon.


What about you? How do you save money when traveling? Share in the comments below.


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