Why You Should Create a “Best of 2015” Recap Today

One of the more popular “end of the year” traditions in the blogosphere is creating a “Year in Review” post. After reading a ton of these, I had a thought run through my mind:

What if we had to create that highlight list at the start of the year? What if we envisioned where we wanted to be a year from now, what we wanted to be doing and all the adventures along the way? What if we wrote it all down as though it had already happened? How would doing this impact our year and the choices we make? Would it change anything at all?

Of course, it would! Creating a list of highlights before they’ve ever occurred allows you to take ownership of your dreams and priorities, begins to answer the intimidating “how to believe in yourself question,” and helps identify what you most value. Additionally, it reminds you that you, and you alone, are in control of where you do, or do not, end up.

So let’s do this? Let’s write our “Best of 2015” recaps while it is still January. Let’s brag on all that is to come, claim our giant and intimidating dreams, and identify what really is the most important!

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Use the past tense. Describe each experience like it has already happened.
  • Go somewhere out of the ordinary. In order to think outside of the box, you sometimes have to literally get outside of the box.
  • Ignore reality! Don’t do the math of how much your dream will cost or if it is feasible, just write it down and “own it”.
  • Give it as much detail as possible. Don’t just say, “I went skydiving this year.” Instead say, “In June, while in Kentucky, I finally had the chance to skydive….”
  • Take note of any “changes of heart” that occur as you are writing. Example: as I was describing all the trips I “have” taken in 2015 and places I’ve “gone”, I realized that it would be taking me away from home (and my family) more often than not. For this reason, I noted that I may want to make sure family is listed as priority on my list.
  • Share it publicly (on Facebook, on a blog, with a group friends, etc.). Sharing it publicly is your first step because it allows you to take ownership of your dream and it also opens the door for friends to volunteer to help (like mine surprising me with a trip to Hogwarts).


Share your “Best of 2015” in the comments below (you can just paste it in or share a link to your blog). Tomorrow I will share mine.


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