The Exception, Not The Rule

you are the only thing holding you back from your dreamAt the beginning of the year, I set out to complete 52 bucket list items within 52 weeks.  I hoped that this would inspire others to see that their dreams are within reach and begin taking action. Unfortunately, I think something else happened.

People seem to be in a state of personal denial when it comes to believing that I’ve accomplished 40 bucket list items in the last 38 weeks.  And I’ve begun to wonder, honestly, if it’s because they are intimidated.The myth of someday. Not because I am something special but because I’ve destroyed the myth of waiting on “someday.”

Over the last 38 weeks, I have come face to face with all the common obstacles (fear, finances, time, lack of skill, not knowing where to begin, the opinions of others, etc.), and I now stand victoriously on the other side.
People want me to say all kinds of thingsPeople want me to say that I can only afford this because I have sponsors paying for each item.
(I tried, but nobody took me up on the offer.*)

People want me to say that I have a friend who works for an airline who gave me the hook up. (I wish!)

People want me to say that I’m going into debt. (Nope. I’m actually working toward getting out of debt–on my bucket list!)

People want me to say all kinds of things that aren’t true because then they would have an excuse that makes me the “exception, not the rule.

However, the truth is that everything I have accomplished this year has been through hard work, a willingness to ask for help, careful budgeting/planning, and a ton of creativity. There’s nothing I’ve done that others couldn’t also do.

And that I imagine is intimidating because what excuse is left to hide behind when standing face to face with the truth? You are the only thing holding you back from your dreams.


If, in fact, you are feeling more intimidated than inspired, I want to encourage you to push through the discomfort. Acknowledge the different emotions you are feeling (whether it be fear, intimidation or something else) and any conflicting thoughts you may have, then commit to the pursuit of your dream anyway.

Start by sharing your intentions and dreams with friends or family members who will encourage you, hold you accountable, and help you brainstorm a plan of action. Then check out my guide to Dominating Your Dreams, and, of course, let me know, so I can support you as well!


*I do have a handful of incredible sponsors. These individuals jumped on board before the launch of Sooner Not Later and their patronage covered the cost of launching the website. I am incredibly grateful for the love and support they have shown Sooner Not Later. You can learn more about each of these small businesses/start-ups here.

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