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Hey there and welcome to the launch of Sooner Not Later, a dream I have been working on for almost an entire year!

These days, it feels like everybody has a blog and that mixed with social media seems to have made us a bit narcissistic. Whenever we have an opinion to voice, we just hop on Facebook or publish a blog post so everybody can know where we stand. All of this has a made for a pretty noisy and, at times, lonely world.

I don’t want to be more noise in your life. I prefer authenticity and real connection. I’m not looking to build a platform but a community for people with dreams to engage with one another.

I’m not a fan of small talk or superficial relationships and what you see is what you get with me. That can be good and funny and, at other times, embarrassing and awkward. You’ll find I’m not perfectly polished and I’m no blogging expert. I’m really just a girl, with a passion for adventure and people, trying to live an authentic life and inviting you into it. I hope you’ll do the same.

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