Meet Maxie & Kat: The Heart Conscious Entrepreneurs

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to two people: Maxie Ouyang and Kat Dominguez.  Maxie lives in Palmerston, New Zealand, works with web and software development, and is currently “pursuing it all – entrepreneurial lifestyle, mental and financial freedom, traveling the world and building a business” she loves.  Kat lives in Winnipeg, Canada, teaches yoga, and is “passionate about making a meaningful contribution to others by giving back.”

heart conscious entrepreneurs - sooner not later sponsorTogether, Maxie and Kat run Heart Conscious Entrepreneurs with the dream of creating a community where business success goes hand in hand with giving back. “We started Heart Conscious Entrepreneurs to create a movement of entrepreneurs who see business success and philanthropy as one and live out deeply meaningful lives.

I hope you will find their unique outlook challenging and inspiring.

What has been your proudest moment since setting out on this adventure?

Maxie: When Kat and I finished our book, Unusual Gratitude, seeing it in hardcopy and color was a very proud moment. I was also incredibly proud when we set up our website and social media. It takes time and a lot of learning but it definitely pays off.

Kat: When I was asked to speak at an event for about 200 entrepreneurs and I spoke completely from the heart about my entrepreneurial journey and saw that same passion to make a difference ignite within others.

What have been some stumbling blocks along the path of this current adventure?

Maxie: We are both currently going through them now. I’m needing to repay debts and student loans. So I’ve paused working on the blog and my travels to build software and gain a steady revenue to pay back my debts.

Kat: Entrepreneurship is a crazy roller coaster! (I’ve had) all sorts of stumbling blocks like limiting beliefs, shifting mindset, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Super hard to go through, but if you make it out the other end, you’re stronger and better for it. I really believe that.

Do you have any “haters” or negative voices in your life? How do you handle those situations?

Maxie: The biggest negative voice that would hinder me is my own, and so I work on increasing my awareness and to understand where those negative voices are coming from and addressing them appropriately.

Kat: Sometimes a voice of doubt pops up from someone else or from my own thoughts,but that’s normal–we’re human!  The biggest thing is noticing it and asking how I can shift it to something that serves me instead of hurts me.  After building up my first successful business, I fell out of love with it and wanted to walk away.  I saw it as a failure because I wasn’t happy and the initial rush of becoming an entrepreneur, building my first business and quitting my job faded.  I saw it as a failure even when others didn’t, but this viewpoint was negative and was hurting me.  Instead I changed it, and realized if I could break through this moment of being at my lowest, next time around, next business…. I would be better for it because of everything I’ve learned.

What is the best choice you have made, in regards to your dream?

Maxie: Partnering with Kat. Actually making the decision to Do THIS. There are no words.

Kat: Believing in my dreams even if they’re not materializing yet and coming together with people who share my vision. When Maxie and I talk about it, it’s just so effortless. It’s hard to explain because we’re not there yet with our big dream, but it’s something we know deep inside our hearts that we’re destined to do at some point in our lives and we will do.

I’m a bit of an inspirational quote junkie. What is your favorite quote?

                     Maxie:                                                                             Kat:

     Buddha Patience Chase Your Dreams       Thornton Wilder Treasure Chase Your Dreams

In honor or the year 2015, if you could hop into the Delorean and go back in time (or to the future), when/where would you go and what would you do?

Maxie: What an amazing question! I have never thought of that before. I always wanted to be at a masquerade ball dressed in those amazing Victorian balls with those beautifully huge Victorian gowns and dance the night away. I’m a romantic.

Kat: Oh snap, that’s a good question! Hmmmm…..I wanna go into the future where I can fly like Peter Pan and do things, see things, and share things I couldn’t possibly imagine now.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?


1. Be a Professional Singer

2. Be a Pro Surfer

3. Be a Pro Snowboarder


1. Travel the world

2. Pay for a huge and crazy vacation for my family and friends

3. Sky dive!

Where can we find out more about you and this incredible adventure that you are on?

“The best place is on our blog –”

Maxie: Connecting with like-minded people is amazing.  Send me an email or message me on Skype maxie.ouyang.

Kat: Yeah, please reach out! Would love to hear from you and connect!



So what do you think? Have the first three interviews inspired you chase your dreams sooner, not later? Is there something you feel is missing?  Let me know in the comments below.

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