If The Unthinkable Happens…

I’m walking through the train station trying to find the ticket agent, everything is normal. I have a plan and overall everything is going according to that plan. 
I look around me and see all the people going about their business. Nothing is out of the ordinary. Nothing to worry about. 

But there is a moment where I consider, “what if the unthinkable happens? What if there is an attack? What if something happens to my train?”

I assure myself this isn’t going to happen, of course this isn’t going to happen, everything is going to be fine. 

Except I don’t know. We don’t know. You just never know. 

I can do all the research in the world. I can make smart decisions, choose less controversial destinations, dress modestly, drink moderately… I can do my part but still that won’t mean I am safe. 

We are never safe. Life is not safe. There is always risk, whether I am sleeping soundly in my bed at home, drinking coffee at Starbucks or walking through a train station in Italy. 

There is evil in this world but there is also beauty and our days are as numbered as the petals on a flower, we just never know how much time we get so I will always choose to pursue the beauty, to explore and never to let the evil force me in to hiding. 

I plan to die a very old woman overflowing with endless stories of adventure and love but if the day ever comes where my time is cut short; I will know that I have lived fully, taken risks, loved wholeheartedly, played hard and explored deeply. 

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