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Welcome to Sooner Not Later! I’m thrilled to have you here and hope you will stick around. Today is the first day this site is live so now seems like as good a time as any to introduce myself and show you around. Let’s start with “a little bit about me“…

  • My name is Catherine and I am from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area.
  • I grew up a military brat and have lived in NJ, CA, SC, and NC.
  • I used to teach at-risk kids.  After that, I was a health coach for pregnant teens/teen moms.
  • I’ve been to about 15 different countries.
  • A year ago, I had a bit of a freak out moment (you can read about it in this interview I recently did) and decided to begin pursuing a location independent lifestyle.
  • I now run recovery focused accountability groups for an online non-profit.
  • I am slightly awkward and can’t walk in heels (Remember Miss Congeniality? That’s me!)
  • Ironically, I was voted Miss Congeniality in H.S but promise I’ve done cooler things since.
  • The number one thing on my bucket list is to take a cross country road trip.
  • I love going to the movies by myself.
  • My passion is getting to know people and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. That is why I started Sooner Not Later.


So what can you expect?

This isn’t going to be like other websites. I’m not into pushy sales or scripted business pages. I get why people use them, they work, but if we’re going to do this, I want it to be raw and authentic.

This is about helping you go from “sooner or later” to “Sooner NOT Later” with your dreams. Some of you may have been burnt in the past and will need to take some time to feel safe dreaming again and others just need an extra push to help them take action. Whatever you need, I am here to help you get moving!

Each week this year, I will publish an interview here on the blog with an ordinary person who is doing awesome things. I truly believe these features will inspire and resource you as you begin to push past the road blocks and achieve your dreams.

Additionally, throughout the year, I will be sharing my own pursuits with all of you. I have set the goal of accomplishing 52 bucket list items within the 52 weeks of 2015. This is a “big and hairy goal” but I figure I better practice what I preach. If you want to help, check out the list and let me know if you have any advice or connections!

Finally, if you haven’t yet, be sure to enter your email address in the box above so we can keep in touch!

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